Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smileys :):)

Lot of days since I wrote the last blog….
A Lot has changed since then… including me :)
Did not have any spur to write a new blog but this one just to make up for the time :)
This blog is a tribute to numerous smileys that I have sent and received

Truly speaking, chatting is not my forte… I was averse to chatting before I was on a long bench in my company. But things changed, bench went away and I became a regular chatter so much so that once my team lead had to tell me to stop chatting :D
I think that smileys are integral part of chatting. I never knew how to use smileys correctly(I still don’t know that. Many a times I still goof up with some of the smileys :))
But are we actually in the same mood as the smileys that we send? Or do we react the same way as the smileys?
Are we happy when we send ":)"? and for that matter are we really sad when we send ":("?
Do we really laugh when we send ":D"?or do we really cry when we send ":’("?
I think not. You can never know the actual feelings of the person in front by just looking at the smileys he sends. I have sent :) even when I was sad just thinking that other person might smile. I have also sent :( even when I was laughing just to console the other person :). These smileys are mostly deceptive.

Other interesting thing about my smileys is that I still don’t know when to use ":P" and ";)". I mostly goof up between them (just as I goof up between the terms lunch and dinner :P)
In Microsoft Office Communicator(the messenger that I use in office), there are lot more smileys. They mostly remain unseen by me. But I like one among them “|-)” (the ones who use communicator might know its vast significance ;))
Once I had actually played a war of smileys with my friend with the vast number of smileys available on communicator. The result was obvious. I lost big time :).

Anyhow, these smileys have become integral part of life now. My day starts with a smiley and also ends with it :). They help u convey emotions(which many a times aren’t true but it soothes :)) and carry messages in itself. Nonetheless, these smileys make u laugh, make u feel sad, make u cry without actually having to do it :).

Long live smileys :)


Nits said...

Agreed the article is about smileys. And very well written yet again. But did u forget those ROTFL and LOLs?

Ketaki Akade said...

Nice one Amrish.. Keep smiling.. and not just while chatting :)

chirag said...

Hey dude nice blog entry on smileys.Something really creative.Frankly I am in the same boat as you. I never really understood the smileys leave apart when to use what. I have almost used :) and :( in my entire chatting carear. I have never used other smileys except for sometimes due to typo's..... so kudos to :) and :( .....

Sushant said...


Rahul Mode said...

Sahii rey!!

@chhotu - tu evdha vichar karto hey navta mahit mala :O (and this smiley does mean that m surprised :P)

Anjum's Arena said...

keep guessing the meanings of smileys..

Anjum's Arena said...

keep guessing the meanings of smileys..