Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time's Up

Last Day mail in my Office. Its a bit late to publish the same. But its better late than never :). Here is the mail

At 5 O Clock today the id amrish_paigude@Infosys.com will cease to exist. After almost 3 active years and 19 passwords, this id will be deactivated :)

The journey in Infosys has been eventful and great. Starting from the training in beautiful Mysore campus to a long bench in Pune DC which was followed by two awesome projects. It has been great learning throughout.

There were many firsts with Infosys for me. My first job, my first salary, my first professional id, my first stay away from home and many more. It will always stay in my heart for that.

I knew that this day would come when I will have to leave the organization. But leaving Infosys makes me a emotional. I will miss my desktop which had all kinds stuff on it; those long FC chats which got over with a realization that there was too much of pending work; those coffee breaks that got me going; that clicking on send button and then running hard for catching the bus; waiting until 9 PM and then boasting in front of friends the next day on how much work I do; that fighting on sports BB for the team that I like; that bus journey of nearly two hrs daily where I slept, I chatted, I read books, I studied. But most important of all, I will miss you all. I don't know when I will experience it again. Maybe never. I would like to extend my warm and sincere thanks to all of you for your support.

Though this Id will end, we will keep in touch on amrishpaigude@gmail.com . Also, I am always available on Orkut and Facebook :)

I wish all of you best of luck for your future endeavors and hope that our roads cross sometime in the future :)

With Warm Regards,


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FrostBite said...

Best of luck for the future dude.....\m/